Friday, May 6, 2011
I have sent an email to Taggers Den forum revoking permission for them to use the exclusive that I made for them. They will not get a refund because they are not giving refunds to ANY members that leave or are being banned for no reason. I find that very disrespectful. I DO NOT want ANY of my work associated with such people that discriminate against others just because of who they like and don't like. I understand that some artists don't care what happens to an exclusive after they sell. Well, I do. I am tired of everyone getting shit on around here, including myself. When I make my tubes I want them to be used with respect. It is only right. I will not do exclusives for ANY forum if this is the way they will treat their members. Now, I can understand if someone's forum license is suspended due to illegal sharing of tubes, with proof. What they are doing is just plain wrong. It is time to take a stand!!
Mentioned tube will now be a FREE TO USE tube! I will post it momentarily.


  1. Good for u Wendy i agree with your decision, its about time an artist did something like this

  2. Thank you for your support Breena! ♥

  3. I thank you for the free use of this stunning tube!

  4. You Go Wendy,So there with you. Everyone should respect "ALL" artists works even if it is free. I wish there was a way to shut down all sites that share PTU tubes and kits. It is so sad the people who are so inconsiderate that do illegal things and ruin it for others who are on the up and up. Thank you so much for the fab free tube. xxx,Callie =)


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