Saturday, May 29, 2010
Starting Right Now Ending Sunday June 6th 4pm EST Make a blinkie for my blog! As you all can see, I am blinkie-less...LOL! RULES: 1. Make a blinkie with Wendy Gerber Art on it. 2. Size: 180 x 65 ( I need it to fit in one of the side columns on my blog) 3. Please, if possible, use at least 1 piece of my art. You may also use scraps. If using my art include (C)Wendy Gerber and MPT license number. 4. May be animated or not. 5. Only JPG or GIF files. 6. 1 entry per person. 7. Send your entry to ME with exact subject line BLINKIE CONTEST 8. When submitting your entry please include the email addy you use When you order tubes, your name and your license number. 9. You will receive a receipt for your entry (it may take a couple of days, so please don't expect to have the receipt right away). PRIZES: There will be 2 winners chosen. The winners will each receive 5 FREE tubes of their choice. Awesome, right?! I hope to see lots of entries. PS There will be another contest after this one!


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